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Reopening for Treatment

Hello everyone! Hope this finds you well and healthy.

Our office is planning to reopen for dental treatment (Not routine cleanings and checkups yet) this coming Monday, April 27th. This could possibly change if the government changes it’s recommendations.

Things will be a little different to ensure health and safety of our patients and our staff. Here are some of the steps that are being taken:

  • Step #1 lies with you, the patient. If you have any symptoms of respiratory illness (cough, fever, runny nose),believe you recently been in contact with someone who could be ill, believe you are a high risk patient or just have fears about being treated, then do not schedule treatment. Please call us if you have questions or concerns that we can answer for you.
  • We will be having only one patient at a time in our office building. We will ask you to wait in your car outside our office until the previous patient has exited and everything has been wiped down all the way out to the doorknob. A staff member will wave you in when we are ready.
  • We will quickly take your temperature before bringing you back into the treatment area and ask a few questions about your health.
  • We will be wearing extra protective equipment (PPE), and will ask you to rinse before being seated with an antiseptic rinse.
  • We have already started to reschedule dental treatment and will be in contact with you to reschedule cancelled treatment. Please call and leave a message if you have new or updated treatment needs. As always you may contact me about emergencies on my cell: (812) 599-5007.

Rescheduling cleanings and checkups will begin when official sources give the OK to do so.

Thank you for your patience and hope we get to see you soon!

Tom Kennedy and staff

Meet Dr. Thomas Michael Kennedy
A Highly Rated Cosmetic Dentist in Madison, IN

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth, gums and mouth. Thomas Michael Kennedy, DDS realizes that cosmetic dentistry offers his patients more than just an improved smile and that its benefits can be life-changing. As such, cosmetic dentist Dr. Kennedy offers customized treatments to his Madison, Indiana clients after a dental exam, to best meet their needs.

Dr. Kennedy also works hard to create a comfortable and professional experience for his patients and believes in providing quality dental care that uses the latest technology and techniques. He is committed to providing affordable and excellent dental care to enhance the health and look of teeth and gums.

Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are kind, friendly, and caring. Our staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience during your visit to our office. Our team includes experienced and energetic people whose goal is to communicate well with our patients and provide the best care possible. Meet Dr. Kennedy by making a dental appointment today. We welcome you to our dental family!

About Dental Implants

Tooth loss is generally caused by tooth decay, trauma and/or gum disease. If left untreated, tooth loss can also lead to severe bone loss and infection. Dr. Kennedy can closely examine a patient’s teeth to decide if dental implants are a viable dental treatment for their oral health. Dental implants allow patients to regain regular function in their mouth while enjoying a natural and beautiful-looking smile. Dental implants and dentures are cosmetic treatments used to fill gaps in the mouth from missing teeth. However, dentures are generally not as comfortable as dental implants.

Implant dentistry restores teeth to their natural function. Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone and take the place of the root of a tooth. After they are placed, the implant fuses with the jawbones. Dental implants can be restored using crowns, dentures, or even dental bridges. It’s important that a regular oral hygiene routine is followed closely after getting dental implants. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kennedy, can work with you to develop the best at-home routine for you.

Teeth Whitening in Madison

Yellowing of the teeth is natural and is typically caused by aging or due to different foods or beverages. The outer layer of the teeth, the enamel, can form a layer of pellicle film on it causing a darkening effect. If you want a brighter smile, we offer an in-office teeth whitening service that is affordable, fast, and most importantly, successful. With our teeth whitening service, we apply a bleaching agent for a specific period of time (varies depending on existing color and desired results). Multiple layers can be applied too. A UV laser is then used to speed up the whitening process.

Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kennedy, can make sure that all dental problems are addressed properly before any teeth whitening service is done.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

For those who want a brighter, whiter, and more beautiful smile, veneers may be the answer. Veneers allow dental patients to change the size, color and shape of the teeth. They can even replace missing teeth in the mouth. Because of acid erosion, aging, or even some medications, a patient’s enamel may be deteriorated. Porcelain is the next best thing to enamel. Porcelain veneers can help you achieve your best smile.

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin customized laminates that are bonded permanently to the front of the teeth. They can cover discolored, broken, crooked, chipped, or even gapped teeth easily. Best of all, these porcelain veneers require little to no tooth removal at all. They also don’t stain, so you’ll have white teeth for a lifetime.

Understanding Dental Crowns

A dental crown is used to cover or to cap a damaged tooth. It can also be used to straighten a tooth or to improve its appearance, shape or alignment. Crowns can also be placed atop a dental implant to provide a functional structure. Dr. Kennedy can evaluate your existing oral health situation to determine if dental crowns are a viable option for you.

Some of the most common reasons you may need a dental crown include to protect a weak tooth from breaking, to restore broken teeth, to cover a dental implant, to cover a tooth after root canal therapy, to replace a large filling without much tooth left or to attach a bridge. During a dental exam, Dr. Kennedy can evaluate your damaged teeth and create a customized dental plan for you.

Call Today to Schedule a Dental Examination

Regular dental examinations and cleanings are important to one’s overall health. To learn more about the cosmetic dentistry services Dr. Kennedy offers at his Madison, Indiana dental office and to schedule a dental examination today, call (812) 265-6411.

Dr. Kennedy serves all South Indiana communities.

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Meet Dr. Thomas Michael Kennedy


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